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My name is Andrés.

I’m a designer by training,

a writer by persistence,

and an artist by lack of shame.


My work has been published on the humor website Cracked, the Spanish newspaper El Correo, and the (sadly deceased) Argentine magazine Neo.

This site is a selection of my work. I hope you enjoy it!


Does Snow White live in the Middle-earth?

The connection between Disney and Tolkien has remained hidden for a long time. Is Snow White descended from Aragorn and Arwen? Are the seven dwarfs the bearers of the Seven Rings of the Dwarf-lords? This theory makes the best case you’re likely to find anywhere. You just have to connect the dots!


“Pictofacts“ are a regular feature of Cracked where interesting facts about a variety of topic are presented in a simple, visually engaging way.


Los colores del molusco

Los colores del molusco (“The Colors of the Mollusk”) is everything a book shouldn’t be: It’s short, it’s self-published, and it’s free (unless you want to pay anything). The shortness can’t be helped, as it’s a collection of short fiction. (It’s also in Spanish, but that’s only a fault if you can’t read it.)

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